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Terms and Conditions


1.1 To the sales of the products (hereinafter the “Products”) offered by Sochapelle, S.A.P.I. de C.V. (hereinafter the “Company”) through the website www.adrianasoto.com.mx (hereinafter the “Site”) the general terms and conditions of sale contained in this document will be applicable (hereinafter the “Conditions General ”).

1.2 All Products offered by the Company on the Site are sold directly by the Company.

1.3 The Company is a variable capital investment promoter corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the United Mexican States (“Mexico”), with legal address at Seneca 41, Polanco II Section, Miguel Hidalgo, 11530, CDMX.
Please read our General Conditions carefully and make sure you understand them before ordering any item on the Site. Before placing an order, you must accept the General Conditions. By placing an order or purchasing Products from the Site, you confirm that you accept the General Conditions.


2.1 The sale of Products through the Site is intended solely and exclusively for individuals who are end customers and / or direct users of said Products, and all those who intend to do business and / or obtain profits through the reselling or marketing the products offered on the Site. By virtue of the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to reject and / or not follow up, without any responsibility, to those purchase orders that, in the opinion of the Company, do not come from individuals who have the characteristics mentioned before.

2.2 The Company may at any time modify, amend or change these General Conditions without any liability. Acceptance by the customer of the General Conditions in force at the time of confirmation of a purchase order will be a necessary condition for the Company to proceed to process it

2.3 The Company reserves the right to reject purchases made by the same person through one or more purchase orders, determining a maximum number of Products per category. The maximum number of Products that can be purchased per category are those described in Annex 1 of these General Conditions. It will be enough that the number of Products chosen in any category is exceeded so that the order or purchase orders can be rejected without responsibility of the Company, without prejudice to what is indicated in paragraph 2.1.

2.4 The Company will not accept purchase orders whose delivery address is located outside the Mexican Republic, the United States of America, the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Argentina and the Kingdom of Spain. In the same way, those purchase orders whose delivery address contains a postal code not authorized for delivery (according to the list contained in the “deliveries” section of the Site) or when the recipient cannot be identified. and / or the delivery address.

2.5 The acceptance of these General Conditions by the client will be a necessary condition for the latter to be registered and the Company to process their purchase order.

2.6 The breach or violation of any of these General Conditions will result in the immediate cancellation of any purchase order that has been made and will empower the Company to close any account and revoke its permission to use the Site.

2.7 The customer agrees to provide current, complete and accurate purchase and account information for all purchases made through our Site, the information provided will be confidential and intended solely for the purposes related to the purchase made. You agree to update, whenever you place a purchase order, your account and any information (including your email address and payment card details), as this is essential to complete purchase orders and contact you for follow-up purposes. of your order when necessary. Failure to update the account frees the Company from any contingency related to the use of out of date information.


3.1 It is possible that some Products are presented on the Site solely for promotional purposes and are therefore not intended for sale. The images, colors, tones and textures of the Products offered for sale may, in some cases, not correspond to the actual presentations, colors, tones or textures of the Products in question due to the technical characteristics and / or resolution. photography or due to software used by the customer. The images, colors, tones and textures of the Products present on the Site must be considered

Product categoryMaximum Number of Items Allowed for each Purchase Order

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