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Our unique combination of refinement and craftsmanship create style as you’ve never seen before.

We believe in heartfelt knowledge that seeks to create heritage, our philosophy is firmly rooted in the possibility to transcend over time, we walk the talk… these are not your average shoes, they are memory on the making.

With a clear focus on the importance of celebrating our nationality, we are proud to be a 100% Mexican brand, from raw materials to labor, and our main objective being to exalt the name of our country.


Adriana Soto


Adriana Soto has a distinctive expertise in the field of design and fashion, culminating with her eponymous brand since 2012, which has allowed her to perfect her various interests and multiple skills; from interpreting architectural concepts such as symmetry, volume and textures for her designs, to consolidating the establishment of a workshop and showroom in Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City, conformed by a team that has remained strong for nine years and is headway on expanding.

In 2008 she graduated in Industrial Design from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City), later on she got her master's degree in "Fashion Marketing" from the Marangoni Institute in Milan and afterwards went to New York and concluded her studies with the master's degree "The Art of Traditional Shoemaking" from Italian school Ars Suttoria.

She began her career as a shoe designer in 2004, as a supplier to the Mexican firm Michel Domit. She worked with Palacio de Hierro for eight years, being a shoe supplier for different brands such as TOPSHOP, WILD & ALIVE, MINOLA and NICK & EM. In 2013 she presented her shoes at New York Fashion Week with designer Angel Sánchez. Her career has been recognized with multiple awards including: "2012 Shoe Designer" by Fashion Group International Mexico. Adriana was invited to be a fashion analyst for the 2013 Academy Awards. Previously in 2012 Adriana had already started making custom shoes for men and women with the brand that bears her name. Celebrities such as Alejandra Guzmán, Belinda, Sebastián Rulli, Alessandra Rosaldo, Karla Souza, Ana Claudia Talancón, Altair Jarabo, Jimena Navarrete, among others, have worn Adriana Soto shoes.

AS experience_

AS experience_

The experience in our showroom begins with a meeting, a conversation between two people whose passion for style leads them to explore all the options to define a unique pair of shoes. The result is the particular combination of technical skill, craftsmanship and creative spirit, a masterpiece in which every detail represents a fragment of your personality. The customer is at the heart of everything we create.

Our shoe development process starts with a personalized appointment, where the client's measurements are meticulously taken to achieve the perfect fit. The customer chooses the model, the leather and the color of the soles, among many other peculiarities that make a shoe unrepeatable. Adriana will also be there to listen to the client's wishes and understand their needs, as well as to share her extensive know-how and make suggestions. Subsequently, the artisan production begins, where the cutting, sewing, stamping, assembling and finally the last details of the shoe are made. To conclude, a fit test is arranged to make the final delivery.

The entire process takes approximately up to 8 weeks.

The leathers that we use to manufacture all our shoes are 100% Mexican. We work with different suppliers to achieve the most exquisite finishes, within our selection of materials are: calves, mongrels, alligators, among others. All the exotic skins we use come from certified farms in Mexico.

More than a pair of shoes, it is your life statement, a future heirloom.

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